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As Required by Wis. Statutes § 70.05 (5)

A revaluation of property assessments in the Town of Jackson shall occur for the 2016 assessment year.  The approximate dates of the revaluation notices being sent to property owners is expected to be in August, 2016.  Please also notice that the Assessor has certain statutory authority to enter land as described in §§ 943.13 and 943.15, Wisconsin Statutes.


The ability to enter land is subject to several qualifications and limitations, as described within the foregoing statutes.  Copies of the applicable statutes can be obtained at public depositories throughout the State of Wisconsin, and from the State of Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau website (www.legis.state.wi.us/rsb/stats.html) or a copy may be obtained from the municipal clerk upon payment of applicable copying charges.


Resolution 2016-001




WHEREAS, the Town is updating its Comprehensive Plan as outlined in Wisconsin  Statutes; and

WHEREAS; public participation is critical for the development of a plan; and

WHEREAS; it is necessary for the Town Board to approve a process to involve the public in the planning effort; and

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Town Board does approve and authorize the Public Participation Plan as attached to this resolution.


I, Candace Pegler, Clerk, do hereby certify that the foregoing resolution was duly adopted at a Town Board meeting held at the Town Hall on the 9th day of FEBRUARY, 2016 at 7:00 p.m.

Candace Pegler   2/9/16



The Town of Jackson recognizes the importance of public participation in the planning process.  As such, a goal during the compreehensive planning process will be to inform and involve the public in the planning process.

I.      Plan Development:

Throughout the plan process, the Plan Commission will provide oversight for the update of the Comprehensive Plan.  The Plan Commission will also recommend adoption of the Public Participation Plan to the Town Board.

The public participation plan will incorporate the following:

1.   All meetings for the planning process will be posted and open to the public.

2.   Plan related materials will be available at the Town Hall for review by the public by appointment only.  (Please call         the Clerk at 608-586-6391 to make an appointment.)

3.   The draft plan and maps will be available on a website for review by the public.

4.   A public hearing will be held to solicit comment from the public.

5.   The Comprehensive Plan will be diistributed as outlined in state statute.

The Plan Commission will review and recommend adoption of the Comprehensive Plan to the Town Board.

II.     Implementation, Evaluation & Update:

The Comprehensive Plan will be used as a general guideline for development in the Town.  The Plan wiill support the existing zoning and other regulations that tthe Town has in place.

As with all plans, it is critical for the Comprehensive Plan to be maintained and updated on a regular basis to keep it current as things change.


Any planning process is subject to change, and this public participation plan is no different.  Over the planning period, the process may vary from that presented.





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Jackson Township is six-miles by six-miles square with 36 sections of land and is one of 17 towns in Adams County.

In 2000 the population was 926.  As of the 2010 Census, the population is 1003. The town is essentially a combination of agriculture, woodlands and open space with glacial and man-made lakes. 








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